Kien Hai island district of Kien Giang, Vietnam

Kien Hai island district of Kien Giang province is located off the southwest coast of the country. The district includes 4 communes namely Hon Tre, An Son, Lai Son and Nam Du, with a total area of about 2,459.79ha. Kien Hai has 23 large and small islands, many of which are not populated yet, so it still retains its primitive and mysterious features as in the early days. In 2006, Kien Hai district was recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, which is a strong point to attract tourists to visit and explore.

In particular, Kien Hai is endowed with the beauty of many elements and regions. It is both wild and mysterious like the primeval forests of the mountains and hills of the Central Highlands, and owns beautiful and elegant beaches like Nha Trang or Phan Thiet Beaches. In addition, Kien Hai also has spiritual attractions such as MaThien Lanh Mountain, Ba Chua Xu temple,… All make an irresistible attraction for those who set foot here. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a variety of tourism types such as resort, ecotourism, mountain climbing, outdoor camping; Enjoy and buy delicious and specialties such as fresh seafood, dried fish, Hon Son fish sauce, all kinds of fruits,… These are all wonderful gifts of nature, combined from the taste of heaven and sea for visitors.

Kien Giang not only has Ha Tien Cross Gulf or Phu Quoc bright “jewel” in the middle of the sea, but also Kien Hai – an attractive destination with serene, primitive and mysterious beauty.

In the midst of the morning dew, the picture of Kien Hai rises with Hon Tre Island appearing and disappearing like a giant turtle floating in the middle of the water waves. Hidden behind each wave is Chen Beach and Dong Dua with countless rocks stacked and listened to the waves lapping on the shore. In the far distance, Duoi Ha Ba stands out with its primitive and wild, fierce but peaceful, boisterous but gently nature

In a vast sea, Ma Thien Lanh Mountain is like a dotted line with magical and mysterious colors. It is associated with miraculous fairytales from ancient times. Visitors will be immersed in the dreamy space of beautiful beaches such as Bai Bang, Bai Bac or Bai Thien Tue,… have opportunity to enjoy the streaks of sunlight shining on the coconut trees and suddenly making a long shadows on the golden sand and playing with each wave in the morning.

If Phu Quoc is compared to the jewel of the southwest sea, Nam Du is the second hidden jewel that is gradually shining. In the midst of the immense sea, Nam Du looks like a beautiful mermaid nestled in the clear blue water, singing the melody of waves. Each flock of seagull is fluttering against the blue sky, each row of coconut reflects in the water; each patch of deep green primitive forest expresses gentle sadness… All join in a magical beautiful space when visitors arrive at Ba Hon Nom, Hon Dau, Hon Mau or Hon Ngang of the beautiful Nam Du archipelago.

Once you visit Kien Hai, you will definitely never forget the unique beauty of this place. It is a wild but charming, simple but unforgettable beauty. It is created from the rise and fall of time, gently imprints on the hearts and keeps many travelers. Then when leaving, the memories of Kien Hai in the heart of each visitor will always be beautiful, vivid and unforgettable…

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