Vé tàu cao tốc Việt Nam

Vu Nang snail on Con Dao Island

This is a special snail with its shape, color, and flavor. The snail has a one-piece shape, its flesh is white and plump and it is seen as the woman’s mound. Vu nang snail has a number of recipes such as grilling, boiling, frying, and making salad, etc.

Vu Nang snail on Con Dao Island

Each recipes has a unique flavor that is difficult to mix, but perhaps the most attractive one is the famous grilled Vu nang dish. The fragrant, sweet, creamy, fatty snails will surely conquer all diners. However, according to local people, the best taste is still the grilled Vu nang with scallion oil onion. This is a famous specialty of Con Dao, so at any restaurant, you can enjoy.

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