Traveling to Con Dao Island from Soc Trang: the nearest fast ferry route to Con Dao Island and the lowest fare

It is a fact that many passengers choose to go to Con Dao Island from Soc Trang because this is the nearest fast ferry line to Con Dao Island and has the lowest fares today.

Currently, there are 2 high-speed craft lines serving the demands of tourists who want to travel to Con Dao Island from Soc Trang, starting from Tran De port: Superdong fast ferry has Superdong Con Dao I, Superdong Con Dao II and the Phu Quoc High-Speed ​​Craft Joint Stock Company (Phu Quoc Express) branded Con Dao Express with high-speed crafts like Trung Trac / Trung Nhi alternately operating.

Con Dao Express fast ferry

Trung Trac / Trung Nhi fast ferry is part of the largest two-hull fast ferry fleet in Vietnam of Con Dao Express – the brand has just been launched on February 14, 2019 but has confirmed the quality of service corresponding with 5-star fast ferry company in Vietnam.

The special advantages of the Con Dao Express fast ferry

  • Top speed up to 35 nautical miles / hour
  • The payload is up to 598 passengers / trip
  • The two-hull fast ferry is up to 47 meters long and 12 meters wide
  • Quality and safety meet European standards
  • The hull is made of high-grade aluminum alloy imported from Italy.
  • 5-star, Asia-Pacific VIP service


Starting point: Tran De Port, Cang Hamlet, Tran De Town, Tran De District, Soc Trang Province.

Destination: Ben Dam Port, Ben Dam Bay, Con Dao District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province.


Departure from Tran De to Con Dao Island: 9:00 am every day – dock at 10:45 am

Departure from Con Dao Island to Soc Trang: 12:00 noon every day – dock at 13:45 pm

Travel time: cruise time at sea only 1 hour 45 minutes


Mon – Thurs: 320,000 VND

Fri – Sun and Holidays, (Lunar) New Year: 350,000 VND

Senior / Children: (weekdays): 260,00 VND

Senior / Children: (weekkends): 290,000 VND

VIP ticket (apply to all days of the week): 500,000 VND

Tran De (Soc Trang) – Con Dao Island route of Con Dao Express high-speed craft 

Superdong ferry to Con Dao Island 

The Soc Trang – Con Dao Island route were officially put into operation by the Superdong – Kien Giang Express Train Company from July 2017 with a frequency of 2 trips / day.

The schedule of the Superdong high-speed craft from Soc Trang to Con Dao Island departs at 8:00, 13:15 and from Con Dao Island to Soc Trang, depart at 8:00 and 13:00. Travel time of the Superdong high-speed craft to Con Dao Island is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Facilities on board is extremely good. The craft is equipped with modern entertainment equipment and facilities to serve tourists such as air conditioner, phone charging port, wifi. In addition, you also get a nice little bottle of water and a cold towel to quench your thirst in hot summer days.

Especially, with a “virtual living” team, surely you will not be able to ignore the shooting angles that will not be possible when flying on the plane. Additionally, with the super high-speed craft deck you can “live virtual” here to take beautiful “million likes” pictures.


The starting point of the high-speed craft Superdong Soc Trang – Con Dao Island route is from Tran De port (Soc Trang) and docked at Ben Dam port (Con Dao Island).

Starting point: Dau Giong Hamlet, Tran De District, Soc Trang Province, Superdong Tran De Port – Soc Trang.

Destination: Ben Dam Port, Ben Dam Bay, Con Dao District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province.


Departure time: 8:30 am and 13:15 pm

Landing time: 11am and 15h45

Travel time: 2h30

Speed ​​26-28 nautical miles / hour

On weekends like Friday – Sunday, crafts usually depart 30 minutes earlier, you need to note and keep track of the craft’s departure schedule.


Fares of the Con Dao Island – Soc Trang Superdong high-speed craft is 310,000 / adult, with senior 260,000 VND, children 220,000 VND and people with disabilities 230,000 VND.

In the case of passengers traveling by their own vehicles, there are organizations / business households that provide overnight car and motorbike storage services for passengers.

From Saigon, traveling by bus for more than 5 hours will reach Tran De district, Soc Trang, passengers can travel by car Phuong Trang, My Duyen with a convenient transit bus.

If you miss your journey to the Soc Trang bus station, you should note the line you have booked and contact the following information: SUPERDONG TICKET OFFICE: No. 193 Le Hong Phong, Ward 3, Soc Trang City . Bus Hotline: 0916.294.399. Soc Trang Con Dao Express Ticket Office: 52 Vo Thi Sau Street, Ward 3, Soc Trang City, Soc Trang Province. Hotline: 0962,714,699

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