Ticket refund / cancellation policy for Mai Linh Express fast ferry

The policy for ticket refund / cancellation of Mai Linh Express fast ferry applicable to agents and tourists traveling on Can Tho – Con Dao Island route, this policy will be applied until a new one replaces.

Ticket cancellation


– Customers change individual schedules, stop taking the craft.

– Customers change route.

– Customers need to change seat class.

– Delayed customers.

– By Mai Linh Tay Do Joint Stock Company: change of craft operation plan including moving, changing date, time, route, …

– In case of force majeure that the ship cannot operate. For example, weather or other dangerous conditions… that the Maritime Administration does not permit the craft to operate….


– Eligible tickets are sold from the ticketing account issued by Mai Linh Tay Do Joint Stock Company to the Ticket Office, or an agent.

– Ticket with cancellation request has not been used to board the craft.

– Cancellation requests must be submitted and made 24 hours before departure.

– Cancellation requests within 24 hours prior to craft departure are not considered.

– Customers who request to cancel a ticket must present a ticket with 2 copies (or commit in the cancellation record to only receive e-tickets) and valid papers (including ID card, passport …)

The staff who performs the cancellation

– Where the customer buys the ticket, cancellation will be done there. For example, when a customer buys a ticket at an agent, he / she goes to the ticketing agent to cancel the ticket.

– In case passengers do not have conditions to cancel at the agent’s location, passengers can go to Mai Linh Tay Do’s ticket office for assistance.

Cancellation service fee

All cancellations 24 hours prior to departure will incur a 30% cancellation fee.

In the case of other craft changes, the provisions of the cancellation policy will apply and a new ticket must be re-booked.

Change ticket information

The cases are exchanged ticket information

– The agent or ticket sales staff of Mai Linh Tay Do Joint Stock Company performed incorrect actions resulting in inaccurate passenger information.

– Passengers provide inaccurate information and correct information after tickets have been issued.

– Passengers need to change the class or seating position on the craft.

– Passengers change date, time of craft ride.

– Especially, change passenger information completely (name, ID card, year of birth …) or completely change the passenger name and last name.

Condition of changing ticket information 

– Tickets have not been used to board the craft.

– Customers who request to change ticket information must present their old ticket with 2 copies and valid papers (including ID card, passport …).

– Request of changing tickets are only processed 24 hours prior to craft departure time.

– For Head and Business seat class, there will be full priority to change ticket information, including date, time, passenger information, which will be changed free of charge 01 hour before departure.

– In case passengers change the date and time of the departure craft route, depending on the available seats on the craft of the date and time of the changed passenger craft, whether there are available seats for passengers to change ticket information, otherwise it will be applied cancellation policy.

The staff who perfors the ticket exchange

– Tickets sold by agents, that agent is responsible for submitting information change requests.

– Each ticket can only redeem once. If changing the second time, comply with regulations on cancellation and re-issue of a new ticket.

Ticket information exchange fee

– All requests to change passenger information 24 hours before departure time will be free of charge.

– Customers will not be paid the difference if the new fare after exchange is lower than the previous one.

– Customers must pay the difference if the new fare after exchange is higher than the previous one.

– Changes of ticket information after craft departure will not be processed and no refund will be made.

– In cases where there is an additional fare difference, customers must pay in cash or by bank transfer.

Other terms

1. The Ticket Office or the Sales Office must refund the customer in full after deducting the cancellation service charge (if any).

2. In the case of tickets purchased during holidays, Tet, there will not be aplied the policy of changing tickets such as: Change of date and time. Instead of, cancellation policy will be applied.

3. In case of delay in craft, within 30 minutes after the craft runs, the customers’ needs will be handled as follows:

– If the passenger cancels the ticket and does not go, it is considered that the ticket for that craft has expired.

4. Mai Linh Tay Do Joint Stock Company has the right to refuse ticket cancellation if request of ticket changing are not valid, wrong object, insufficient receipts ( Value Added Invoice…). In these case, Mai Linh Tay Do Joint Stock Company will not refund the tickets purchased by the customer.

5. Customers who buy tickets and pay by any form will pay customers through that form of payment. For example, if the customer transfers the money, the money will be transferred to the customer. Customers who pay via e-wallet will be refunded via e-wallet …

6. The time for completing the refund procedure via bank transfer or e-wallet or card payment will be from 15-30 working days. The time when the customer receives the refund will depend on the bank that is using it or the bank that issues the card, e-wallet.

7. Claims of customers and / or agents will be resolved according to the order of the Ticket Office to the Sales Department and to the Board of Directors.

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