The Villa Blanch (The White Palace) in Vung Tau

Built by the French in 1898 and named after Villa Blanche, a daughter of an Indochina French Governor General Paul Doumer, who later became the French president. In Vietnamese, Villa Blanch means “White Palace”. Local people call it Bach Dinh.

At that time, this was the favorite holiday mansion of different French Governors and top officials. In 1907, King Thanh Thai was put under house arrest at the White Palace for his non-cooperation and thoughts against the French until 1916, before being exiled to Reunions island , Africa.

Later on in the 1960s, Both President Ngo Dinh Diem and Nguyen Van Thieu also used Villa Blanch for recreational purposes.

Villa Blanch lies on the southern hillside of the Big Mount, 50 meters above sea level and facing the East Sea, from its balcony, one can have panoramic views of the sea and the city

Today, when visiting the White Palace, visitors not only have a good chance to experience its natural beauty, the old French architecture, and to understand more about the history of the place but also to see a wide collection of Chinese antiques colleted from Hon Cau Islet.

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