The Font Beach (Bai Truoc) of Vung Tau City

Known as the “Face of the city” the Front Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Vung Tau, lying between Big Mountain and Small Mountain. Previously, this beach was also called Coconut Bay because it had many coconut trees and sheltered in the tiny bay of Vung Tau.

The Beach is located in the southwest of the city, therefore it is well placed to wacth the sunset every afternoon. Not far from the shore are plenty of fishing boats peacefully anchored in the little harbour, making this part of the city charming. Unlike the Back Beach (Bai Sau), the Front Beach is not so popular for swimming, however after the sun sets, this is an exiting place with many restaurants, pubs, dance halls, shops and cafes etc.

Also here, along the beach and in the beautiful park, both locals and tourists sit to relax and enjoy the cool evening sea breezes.

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