The easiest guide to book high-speed craft by phone

You have a phone in hand with internet connection, we guide the basic steps for the fast ferry ticket booking. However, you must be cautious when buying online ticket, only buy at high-speed ferry ticket agents with a clear address. Especially, there must be a call center system to be able to assist you at any time.

What to prepare when booking a high-speed craft ticket by phone

The first is the personal information of the travellers including: Full name, year of birth and ID / Citizen card number (if any, in case of children, only a birth certificate). Please pay attention to the age of those travellers, because children (under 11 years old) and senior people (over 60 years old) will receive a discount depending on the policy of each craft line and route.

Prepare accounts for payment via Internet Banking or banks’ APP. In the case of cash or other forms of payment you should also mention it to the counselor during the booking process. We always support customer to deliver ticket at home in the central area of ​​Ba Ria City and Vung Tau City when buying from 5 tickets or more. You can refer guide for paying to detailed payment instructions.

Form of booking high-speed craft ticket 

There are 3 main forms of support for customer to book simple, easy high-speed craft ticket that anyone can operate:

Call directly through HOTLINE numbers

You can contact any hotline number 088 921 1234088 937 1234088 927 1234 professional booking team of system will update passenger information, departure / return schedule via Zalo / Facebook / Email to receive passenger list information. The support procedures will be completed within 5 minutes and the payment amount will be submitted.

Service quality is always what we aim for. Just contact to the call center, there will be staff to assist you anywhere, anytime. Follow fanpage Vietnam high-speed craft to receive timely promotional information.

Book ticket through APP

Link to install our high-speed craft online booking app (click on the app icon)


Ferry ticket booking application interface is very user-friendly and easy to operate. You just need to enter basic information by phone number or email, then it will be displayed on the high-speed craft lines for you to choose, the step-by-step booking process in the APP is simplified to the minimum. As well as booking ferry ticket via Zalo, booking ferry ticket via APP is also quite simple, moreover the advantage is that the travel time and schedule will be clearly displayed for each trip.

Ferry ticket booking on mobile phone via website browser

Similar to the form of booking ticket via the app (because the app and the website browser are in sync with each other), Just visit the homepage of through the web browser on your phone (Android has Chrome, iOS has Safari, ..). The interface on the phone is intuitive, easy to see, and easy to operate.

Interface of ferry ticket booking website on the phone

Next, fill in the passenger information (write without accent, for example: Nguyen Van A) and click “Book”, remember to choose the appropriate form of payment. Next, fill in the passenger information (write without accent, for example: Nguyen Van A) and click “Book”, remember to choose the appropriate form of payment. About 5 minutes later, the reservation staff will call back to confirm the itinerary and guide you to complete the procedure. If you need to book an urgent ticket, please contact the operator 0889211234

Contact information for supporting ticket booking

Vietnam General agent of high-speed craft ticket

Phone:  088 921 1234 – 088 937 1234 – 088 927 1234


Address: 555A Nguyen An Ninh, Nguyen An Ninh Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province

Fanpage: Vietnam high-speed craft



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