The best time to travel Hon Son – Kien Giang

Hon Son has gradually been known to tourists in the past year, the lives of fishermen have also changed, but this small beautiful island still retains its attractive wild charm.

The best time to travel Hon Son – Kien Giang

The ideal time for you to travel Hon Son Island is from May to December because this season is the season when the Southwestern region is relatively quiet from Ca Mau – Kien Giang. It is also the season when boats go to the sea to catch so the prices of seafood: squid, shrimp, and crabs are delicious and cheap. In addition, before leaving, you should also update the weather situation in the waters of Ca Mau – Kien Giang and avoid rough seas and storms to ensure safety.

According to the experience, fishermen go to the sea to see the wind direction to catch seafood, Hon Son has two main wind seasons: the Bac wind or Chuong wind falls in the months from November to February. Southwest wind is in the rainy season, starting from mid-June and ending around early September. In addition, the rest of the year have a mild weather with mild sunshine.

High-speed boat to Hon Son island

The Bac monsoon season in Hon Son

The Bac windy season is strong but less rain, cold weather in the early morning and evening to night. This coincides with the period of Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year. At this time, Hon Son has a beauty similar to the autumn weather, making us need a lightweight jacket when walking around the beach. The sea water is very blue and clear can see the bottom, tourists have more water activities such as snorkeling, fishing, snail catching or simply drinking beer and watching the sunset on the floating fish in the sea of fishermen.

At this time, the trees in the forest also began to change color, the weather was dry and windy, suitable for hiking, cycling and photography. It is also the time when important cultural festivals take place such as Nghinh Ong Nam Hai (October 15th), Ba Co Chu Temple Festival (9/9 lunar calendar), Nguyen Trung Truc communal house (full moon of January).

Southwest monsoon season on the island

If the Bac monsoon season with wind and sunshine, calm sea is suitable for active tourists who like to explore, the southwest monsoon season seems to be for those who travel quietly. Hon Son has a harmonious combination between sea and mountains, so in the natural rainy season, the island possesses a very unique and romantic beauty. You are the type of person who likes to wake up in the morning looking towards the top of the cloudy mountain and dew, inhale the transparent purity of this place with a cup of tea, do not miss Hon Son. The climate is chilly, in the middle of the summer night but need to add a thin blanket, or wandering the night market to enjoy the barbecue at the wharf, the embankment. There are days when you want to be quiet, watch the rain, read a book or do nothing, save Hon Son for those days.

During the remaining time of the year from March to June, September and October, Hon Son specialties are now a multitude of flowers from nameless to named blooming together, especially forest apricots covered on the mountain trails. The sea is sometimes as calm as a sheet, in a mirror without a ripple, and the sunset is at its most brilliant these months. Hon Son at this time, can really give you a ticket to your childhood with full of fire-fly moonlit nights and walking days.

Hon Son, you can come up to three times a year to feel all the beauty of the island and then come back forever to find a feeling.






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