Schedule for Rach Gia – Hon Son – Nam Du fast ferry in 04/2021

Based on the operation situation, Phu Quoc Express informs partners and customers about the ferry’s operation schedule on Rach Gia – Nam Du, Rach Gia – Hon Son, Hon Son – Nam Du routes from the date of April 16, 2021, as follows:

RouteDepartureArrival VIP class*Eco class*Senior/Children
Rach Gia – Nam Du6:409:00350.000250.000200.000
Nam Du – Rach Gia10:0012:30350.000250.000200.000
Rach Gia – Hon Son6:408:00230.000170.000140.000
Hon Son – Nam Du8:108:50150.00090.00070.000
Nam Du – Hon Son10:0010:45150.00090.00070.000
Hon Son – Rach Gia11:1012:30230.000170.000140.000
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