In order to continuously improve the quality of passenger service and strictly comply with the regulations of the maritime industry in general and Phu Quoc Express in particular. Guests on the train need to know and join us in implementing a number of contents related to the following regulations:


Tickets are legal evidence confirming the contract of carriage between passengers and the Company. Passengers transfer their tickets to others must follow the Company’s regulation.

Maximum free baggage up to 20 kgs and Passenger self preservation their own baggage. Passengers must pay a fee for the baggage exceeds allowable according to the Company’s policy. Children is accompanied with adults is not eligible for free baggage allowance.

Passengers are not allowed to bring on board any prohibited goods or objects in accordance with the applicable laws such as forbidden goods, weapons, drugs narcotin, cocain, heroin.. chemicals, flammable materials, goods with stink, dangerous goods, v.v… The Company reserves the right to refuse to carry theses baggage or the goods which affect to the safety of the ship’s operation.

Passenger take care of their own luggage, the Company is not responsible for lost, damaged or lost luggage/baggage.


Passengers must be present at the port 30 minutes before the departure time.

Before boarding, the passenger must to present identification documents regulated by laws such as ID card, passport, driver’s license, birth certificate for children.


The passenger is children:

The Children under 6 years old or less than 1m2 in case of sharing a seat with an accompanying adult are free of charge The Children aged 6 to 11 years old (at the time of departure) are entitled to the Company’s fare reduction policy.

The Children allowed on board must be accompanied by an adult over 15 years old.

The Infants younger than 7 days old are not allowed on board. Children under 1 year old, must be accompanied with relative and presented letter of indemnity as regulated by the Company

The passenger is Elderly:

The Elderly people are over 60 years old, they are entitled to service charges according to the Company’s fare reduction policy.

The Company recommends that the elderly should get the medical examination before booking ticket. In case of elderly people with chronic and easily complications such as heart, lung, asthma, blood pressure, etc., they must notify us and provide a medical certificate which certified by the hospital or a medical center. In this case, the letter of indemnity to Carrier to be applied.

In some special cases, when passengers are sick, they need to be accompanied by relatives and medical staff and certified by the hospital or medical center about the non-contagious disease for the passengers and staff on board. The letter of indemnity to Carrier is also applied in this case.

The Company reserve the right to refuse carriage if the passenger is bad or not enough healthy or the carriage of passengers will affect to the health of other passengers and staff on board.

For safety reasons, we refuse on board for seniors 90 and older.

Pregnant passenger:

Pregnant passengers are obliged to inform to the Company all of pregnancy information when passengers make reservations at check-in counters. The carriage of pregnant

Passengers is subject to the following conditions:

– Pregnancy less than 28 weeks: the passenger is normally pregnant and under 28 weeks of pregnancy, Passengers will be required to sign a letter of indemnity to Carrier before boarding.

– Pregnancy from 28 weeks to 34 weeks: Passengers are responsible to present a legal statement from a physician confirming that the passenger is in normal health condition. Passengers will be required to sign a letter of indemnity to Carrier before boarding.

– Pregnancy from 35 weeks and up: refuse on board.

All special cases of Passengers who not to comply with the above Carrier’s regulations are considered as committing to assume all related responsibilities on board the ship. The Company have not any responsibility to the passengers in this case.


The Company is always support and make favorable conditions for the Passenger wishing to change the schedule before departure time if the space of next trips still available. Policies of refund – change – cancel tickets will be applied for each route, region at each time issued by the Company’s policy.


In case of force majeure such as natural disasters, epidemics. , weather storms, rains, tsunamis, fires, technical errors, wars, strikes, riots, crimes or due to adjustments, policy changes, government transport restrictions, etc. …the Company reserves the right to cancel or change the departure time or to arrange another vessel equivalent without incurring any liability.

Any complaints from the passenger will be resolved by the company in accordance with the applicable laws and the Company’s regulations.


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