Red Lobster – Special foods of Con Dao Island

They called it Red Lobster because the distinctive red color that this shrimp bring on its body. It is also known as fire lobster, the king of seafoods on this island.

Red lobster in Con Dao is not as big as others varieties of lobster, but its meat is so tough, sweet and firm. Red lobster can not feed, so they can only catch them from nature. You must pay a huge expense to be able to enjoy red lobster, because the food is not only nutritious but also by catching and processing segment.

Lobster meat is delicious. They also attract us as a layer of golden roe extremely nutritious at the spine and on theirhead. This brick layer was thicker when winter came. Red Lobster can be processed into many delicious dishes such as sushi, steamed, salad or soup.

In addition, when coming to Con Dao, you can also enjoy a lot of otherdelicious dishes such as Sa Sung, golden crab, oyster sauce, cobia, shark salad … Each delicacy here is not only honored by historical values ??where they are born but also by special quality, rarity that have nowhere. They have a strength to call and hold visitor’s footsteps.


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