Nhat Beach Con Dao

Nhat Beach is about 6km from the center, a pristine blue beach, and fine white sand. With small, colorful pebbles stacked on top of each other look so nice, Nhat Beach is the one which is inherently submerged in water and only when the tide is out to reveal the fine sand. At noon the sun shines down, which makes the sand more sparkling.

Nhat Beach

The natural scenery here is still very pristine, in the distance stones seem to grow from the smooth sand’s surface, along with the clear blue water, the murmuring waves, which form a poetic scene that makes visitors deeply regret coming here without witnessing such a beautiful scene. Within the sight is the Love Peak that seems a couple close together, which symbolizes the faithful love.

When the rays of the sun gradually disappeared, standing on Shark cape can create the feeling of the cool sea breeze blowing, enable us to completely admire the charming natural scenery of Nhat beach in Con Dao, relax and watch the glow of the sunset gradually go down behind the Love Peak. This will be an unforgettable impression on anyone.

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