National flag flagpole on Con Co Island

The national flagpole on Con Co Island has a height of 38.8 meters and an area of ​​24 square meters, this is one of the flagpoles classified as large on the coastal islands of Vietnam. The National Flag flagpole not only creates sights for tourists, cultural exchange points but also is a symbol of independence, a solid landmark on the sea …

The construction of the national flagpole of Con Co island shows the expectations of many generations; is a symbol of independence and peace; is the affirmation of the sacred sovereignty of the country; It is a traditional educational attraction for the militia and cadres on the island …

Con Co Island in Quang Tri

Con Co Island has an important strategic position in the southern gateway of the Northern Gulf. During the war years, Con Co was considered the “eye of god”, “watchtower” of the North. Besides, Con Co has a favorable location in terms of geography – economy: it is close to the mainland and can open a favorable direction for sea-island economic development: services, fishing, farming …, both convenient for the development of sea traffic, tourism activities in the triangle Cua Tung – Cua Viet – Con Co.

Right after the Government allowed Con Co island, which was just allowed to open a tourist route to the island, Con Co island built facilities, restored historical relics, instructed people to make special products to serve tourism activities.

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