How to book Vung Tau – Con Dao Island fast ferry online ticket?

Currently, with more than 500 agents supporting passengers to book Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed ferry ticket across the country, it is very convenient and easy to do, but we are always ready to support customers booking online 24/7 with many different form.

The process of booking a Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft ticket 

We introduce to our customers the process of booking Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft ticket, as follows:

Step 1: You book online via Zalo / Phone / SMS to the following numbers: 09875562940389546426 or 0889371234. Information you need to provide includes: Full name, ID number, Year of birth.

Step 2: We send you back the amount to be paid and payment method. Please pay the amount announced by the agent via the account number. After payment, please send a PAYMENT or RECEIPT to us via the agent.

Step 3: After the customer pays for us, we will transfer the ticket back to you through Zalo or by the method of your contact before. Refer to the sample electronic ticket customers will receive to pick up the ferry.

Information of Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed ferry 

Up to now, Con Dao Express 36 high-speed ferry is the only ferry running on Vung Tau – Con Dao Island route, this is one of the ships bearing the Con Dao Express brand under the Phu Quoc Express Craft Joint Stock Company ( Phu Quoc Express). Con Dao Express 36 is also in the TOP 1 largest two-hull high-speed craft in Vietnam with European design, nearly 47 meters long, 12 meters wide, and accommodates nearly 600 passengers. The ferry has high stability, wide compartment to create comfort, reduce seasickness for passengers.

Con Dao Express 36 at Cau Da port of Vung Tau

Con Dao Express is equipped with 4 Roll-Royce MTU machines with a maximum speed of 35 nautical miles to shorten the time from Vung Tau to Con Dao Island to 3 hours and 50 minutes. In addition, the ferry is also equipped with Humphree technology to prevent vibration, minimizing seasickness of passengers. The ferry has separate compartments, 30 seats equipped with 120-degree reclining seats, LCD screen and wireless headphones …

You can refer to more detailed specifications Con Dao Express 36 high-speed craft

Is booking Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft expensive? 

According to our assessment, the current fare of Con Dao Express on Vung Tau – Con Dao Island route is relatively suitable for all types of customers wishing to come to the sacred pearl island. The fare is applied as follows:

  • Weekdays, from Monday to Thursday: 660,000 VND / ticket / one- way, for senior (over 60 years old); Children (6-11 years old): VND 550,000 / ticket / one-way.
  • Weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and holidays: VND 880,000 / ticket / one-way, for senior; Children (6-11 years old): 700,000 VND / ticket / one- way.
  • VIP ticket: VND 1,200,000 / ticket / one-way valid on all days.
Eco seats cost 600,000 VND / ticket

Important notes when buying Con Dao Express high-speed craft ticket

Passengers are entitled to a maximum of 15 kg of luggage allowance upon boarding. Passengers must pay the fare for the amount of luggage that exceeds the free allowance and in the manner specified in the Company regulations, as a reference /

For children: Children accompanying an adult are not entitled to free luggage allowance, children under 6 years old or under 1m2 in height are entitled to free ticket when sitting with an adult.

Passengers must be at the pier at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Before departure, passengers are required to present identification in accordance with the law (ID / passport / driver’s license / staff card …).

Passengers are not allowed to bring goods or objects banned from being transported on board in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of the shipping line. The crew member has the right to refuse to carry any baggage that violates the regulation or unsuitable for transportation because of safety or operational reasons. If the passenger has the violation, Con Dao Express has the right to sanction according to the Company regulations or propose prosecution in accordance with the law.

In all cases, the company’s highest obligation is refund money of purchased ticket for customer.

Forms of booking Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft online ticket

Passengers can contact and book Con Dao Island high-speed craft ticket through the following methods:

Booking via email: hoặc

Booking via phone hotline / zalo: 0889211234 – 0889371234 – 0389546426 – 0987 556 294

Booking via Fanpage:Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft

Booking via website:

Booking via APP:        

And there are many forms of booking Con Dao Island high-speed craft ticket, passengers can choose the most convenient method and contact us for instructions.

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