Guide to book Vung Tau – Con Dao Island fast ferry ticket

In the near future, you will travel from Vung Tau to Con Dao Island by fast ferry. But you do not know how to book ticket? Dont’t worry! Let us show you how to book ticket for Vung Tau – Con Dao Island fast ferry through the following article.

Information of Con Dao Island – Vung Tau high-speed craft 

For people who depart from Vung Tau, there are currently two ways to go to Con Dao Island: Vung Tau helicopter to Con Dao Island and Con Dao Express 36 high-speed craft to Con Dao Island on a daily/scheduled basis.

Con Dao Express 36 high-speed craft is the right choice for tourist who travel to Con Dao Island from Vung Tau. This is one of the three 5-star high-speed ships of Con Dao Express, which has set many records in Vietnam and officially operated on February 15, 2019.

The vessel is designed according to European standards. This is a two-hull ship with a capacity of up to 2,816 HP, a maximum speed of 30 nautical miles and uses 4 Rolls Royce MTU engines.I n addition, the ferry is also equipped with Humphree technology to prevent vibration, minimizing seasickness of passengers. The ferry has separate compartments, 30 seats equipped with 120-degree reclining seats, LCD screen and wireless headphones …

On the deck of a Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft 

Especially, the travel time is very fast, from Cau Da port, No. 9 Ha Long street, ward 2, Vung Tau city to Ben Dam port, Con Dao Island only takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes. The ferry can operate in weather conditions from level 6 to level 8, but if you feel the sea is rough, you should consider booking a ticket to ensure health during the journey even though the ferry is always safe for passengers.

Currently, Express 36 high-speed craft from Vung Tau to Con Dao Island serves tourists 1 trip a day at 8:00 am. Please take note of your time and schedule to be on time when the ferry is moving.

Fare for Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft 

For Vung Tau – Con Dao Island route of Con Dao Express 36 ferry, there are many options:

  • Weekdays, applied from Monday to Thursday: 660,000 VND / ticket / one- way. For the elderly (over 60 years old); Children (6-11 years old): 550,000 VND / ticket / one-way
  • Weekends (Saturday, Sunday), holidays: 880,000 VND / ticket / one-way. For senior; Children (6-11 years old): 700,000 VND / ticket / one-way
  • VIP ticket: 1,200,000 VND / ticket / one-way (Applied on all weekdays and holidays, New Year)

How to book Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft ticket

Currently, there are many methods of booking Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft: book online on the website, buy directly at the ticket office or contact agents to book ticket. Below, will suggest how to book ticket by each method:

Book high-speed craft online ticket on the website

We guide you to book online high-speed craft ticket on the website by following steps:

Step 1: Access website or vetaucondao.vnproceed to book ticket

Step 2: Provide necessary information: trip, specific time, departure time, passenger information (full name, ID number, year of birth), contact phone number.

Step 3: Select your form of payment and complete the ticket purchase process. You can contact the shipping line to deliver the ticket or get the specific address of the ticket office, where to get the ticket to get directly.

Buy directly at the ticket office

The second method is that you can buy directly at the ticket office. Before going to the ticket office, please contact them by phone number, providing the necessary information to them. Then you go to the ticket office to receive the ticket and pay. The following is the address and phone number of Con Dao Express ferry ticket office:

Con Dao Express ferry ticket office: 555 Nguyen An Ninh, Nguyen An Ninh Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. Phone: 0889371234

Information of Con Dao Island – Vung Tau high-speed craft ticket agents 

For you to easily update information about Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft ticket agents , suggests a list of the following agents:

Con Dao Island high-speed craft ticket agent – OSC Vietnam Travel 

Vietnam high-speed craft ticket agent

Con Dao Express ferry departs at 8:00 am every day at Cau Da port

Notes when booking Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft ticket

According to the experience of traveling to Con Dao Island, we recommend that you keep the following in mind when booking Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft ticket :

  • You should book ferry ticket about 2 weeks before Con Dao Island travel time, this is enough time to help you avoid running out of tickets near the travel date.
  • Please book a round trip ticket.
  • In case you have difficulty booking your own ticket, please contact a reputable agent for assistance and book ticket to suit your need.
  • The fare of each carrier and each time period will be different, be sure to check the fare before purchasing.
  • Reserve Con Dao Island hotel to avoid running out of rooms.
Tourists experience Vung Tau – Con Dao Island journey by high-speed craft 


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