Fast ferry fare to Con Dao in 2022

Up to now, the high-speed ferry lines to Con Dao have adjusted their ferry fares due to the high fluctuations in petrol prices in recent years, specifically the fare of the shipping lines are as follows:

Fare for Con Dao Express fast ferry (Vung Tau – Con Dao)

Time  Eco Children/Elderly People with disabilities VIP
Monday→ Thursday        790.000     630.000            550.000        1.200.000
Friday → Sunday        950.000           760.000            665.000        1.200.000


Fare for Mai Linh Express fast ferry (Can Tho – Con Dao)

Seat class Monday → Thursday Friday → Sunday & holidays
Adult Children Adult Children
Eco 750.000 550.000 850.000 600.000
Business 1.100.000 800.000 1.200.000 900.000
President 1.500.000 1.150.000 1.500.000 1.150.000
Ticket price for Mai Linh Express fast ferry (Can Tho – Con Dao)

Ticket price for Superdong fast ferry (Tran De – Con Dao)

Particularly, SUPERDONG on Tran De – Con Dao route has a fare reduction policy corresponding to the VAT discount from 10% to 8%, the details of the Superdong ticket price for Tran De – Con Dao route are as follows:

Subject Fare
Adult 304.364 VNĐ
Elderly (from 60 years old and above, applicable to Vietnamese citizens) 255.273 VNĐ
People with disabilities (applicable to Vietnamese citizens) 225.818 VNĐ
Children (From 6-11 years old by year of birth) 216.000 VNĐ


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