Distinguishing Vung Tau – Can Gio high-speed ferry and ferry to book ticket

Currently, many passengers are confusing Vung Tau – Can Gio high-speed ferry and ferry, we will analyze specifically and in detail the different points for passengers to have a more complete view.

Line Greenlines DP Quoc Chanh (Thanh Thoi)
Time 30 minutes 30 minutes
Schedule Fixed by hour To the pier and go
Book ticket Book online Only sell ticket directly at the pier
Vung tau port Ho May, 1A Tran Phu Inland waterfront, 127C Tran Phu
Can Gio port Tac Suat Tac Suat
Ticket price 110.000 VND 70.000 VND
Seat Soft chair Soft chair
Facilities Air-conditioner, TV, life-jacket Air-conditioner, TV, life-jacket…
Vehicle transportation No transportation Carrying motorbikes, cars,….


  • HIGH-SPEED FERRY: Travel fast, time on the high-speed ferry is less so it is less tiring if you suffer from seasickness. Do not carry motorbikes or cars. Support booking online, online, by phone.
  • FERRY: Carrying cars, motorbikes and large quantity of goods. There is no fixed schedule. Buying ticket directly at the pier and wait for your turn.
Thriving 11 two-hulls fast ferry

Through the above title, depending on the needs and conditions that you choose the right type of transportation, we hope that the article will help you have more information necessary for you.

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