Da Nang – Ly Son tourist ferry connecting 2 famous destinations in Vietnam

Da Nang – Ly Son tourist ferry connecting 2 famous destinations, Da Nang City and Ly Son Island, will officially depart on April 9, 2022.

Phu Quoc Speedboat Joint Stock Company (Phu Quoc Express) is the pioneer in opening this tourist waterway, which is a completely new route and the first time in Vietnam, helping people and tourists alike. Travelers are convenient, fast and very safe.

Fast ferry from Da Nang to Ly Son via Thuan Phuoc bridge

Catamaran Trung Trac honored to be the first high-speed train operating on the Da Nang – Ly Son route, the ferry will depart at 08:00 from Han River Port – Da Nang to Ly Son Island. Passengers who want to experience Da Nang – Ly Son tourist ferry can refer to this FERRY SCHEDULE to book ticket.

Contact information for booking Da Nang – Ly Son fast ferry ticket

Da Nang: 0965 58 58 43

Ly Son: 0989 683 466

Hotline: 088 921 1234 – 088 927 1234 – 088 937 1234

Email: booking@taucaotoc.vn

Website: https://taucaotoc.vn

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