Con Dao Ginseng is the typical product, only in Con Dao Island

In recent years, people of Con Dao have successfully planted and exploited the species of Con Dao ginseng for soaking wine, chicken pot, duck stew to enrich the body which is chosen by many tourists as souvenirs.

Sam Dat, also known as sand ginseng, often grows along the high rocky, sandy mountains. Sam Dat has a round root of 3 cm long, 50 cm high, hairy, oval leafy leaves, thin hair on the upper surface, and hard hair on the edge. In Con Dao, Sam Dat which grows on small islands is the most valuable)

Con Dao Ginseng

According to the residents and prisoners in Con Dao who discovered the wonderful medical use and health improvement of Sam Dat, while they were under hard labor, they ate Sam Dat to overcome. Until 2012, technical engineers of Con Dao National Park had discovered Sam Dat’s medical use and has deployed a successful experimental plant, then popularized to residents. Sam Dat is adult finger size, with thin sweet, smelling as Korean ginseng, going with the price around 1 – 1,2 milllion vnd per kg, depending on the size.

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