Chin Nghia Quang Tri fast ferry from Cua Viet to Con Co Island

Chin Nghia Quang Tri is a steel-hulled ship with good wave resistance with a capacity of 156 passengers and nearly 30 tons of cargo operating on Cua Viet – Con Co Island route with a journey time of 1 hour 10 minutes.

Chin Nghia Quang Tri boat has been meeting the accommodation capacity for Con Co tourists and the needs of people traveling and transporting goods on the island. This is a ship belonging to Chin Nghia Quang Tri Co., Ltd., first established in May 2018, with a joint venture with Chin Nghia Quang Ngai Company. Implementation of the investment project to attract and exploit tourism, transport passengers and goods for the Cua Viet – Con Co route. According to Official Letter No. 1872 / UBND-VX of the People’s Committee of Quang Tri province signed on May 8, 2017.

With a team of experienced crew members, fully qualified, enthusiastic at work. Always put the safety of passengers first. Chin Nghia fast ferry is designed with strong steel casing to withstand good waves.The total capacity of 160 seats is like a solid steel bridge connecting Cua Viet – Con Co Island serving tourists and militia on the island.

Fare for Con Co fast ferry of Chin Nghia

Ticket price 220,000 VND / one-way, round- trip: 440,000 VND / person. In addition, Chin Nghia Quang Tri also has service to support passengers booking a package tour of Con Co island 1.250.000 VND / person.

Children under 6 years old will be free of charge when sharing a seat with an adult. From 6 to 11 years old apply 50% of adult fare, similar to package tours.

Interior of Chin Nghia fast ferry

Schedule for fast ferry to Con Co Island

Currently, operating on Gio Linh passenger ship – Con Co Island there are 02 daily ships transporting tourists, troops and people on the island, namely Chin Nghia Quang Tri and Con Co Tourist with alternating schedules. Schedule for Chin Nghia Quang Tri ferry:

  • Cua Viet to Con Co Island: 6:30 am every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Con Co Island to Cua Viet: 6:30 am every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Journey time per turn: 1 hour 10 minutes. Please arrive 30 minutes earlier than ferry’s departure time to check in on the island.

The above schedule is for reference only under normal weather conditions / or by agreement between shipping lines. Passengers / people on the island, if required, can contact 0889211234 – 0889271234 – 0889371234 to book tickets. If the weather changes over the wind level of the vessel operating, the ferry will be suspended.

Book fast ferry to Con Co Island

Contact information for booking Con Co Island fast ferry

Chin Nghia Quang Tri Co.,LTD

Address: Thanh Nien Village, Con Co Commune, Con Co District, Quang Tri

Điện thoại: 0889211234 -0889271234 – 0889371234



In addition, passengers can directly book tickets for fast ferry on Gio Linh (Cua Viet) – Con Co Island route directly at website or on iOS / Android apps of the same name





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