Boat rental, canoe sightseeing, travel, fishing in Vung Tau

Our company specializes in boat rental, canoe from 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 seats, and organizes tours: sightseeing, travel and fishing in Vung Tau.

Boat rental, canoe in Vung Tau: 1.6 million / hour running from Cau Da port, Vung Tau to tourist destinations in Vung Tau such as: Hon Ba, Front Beach, Back Beach, Dau Beach. Visiting the oil and gas industrial parks and ports in the area.

Need detailed advice, make a schedule, please contact Hotline 0938948549 for support.

When hiring a boat, canoe at our company completely assured because: Commitment to the most competitive tour price in Vung Tau. In particular, we advise customers to bring canoeing equipment, especially those who are seasick …

Basic parameters of some ships and canoes to cooperate with us

Technical specifications Vung Tau 2006 Ship Service 06 Canoe Service 07 Canoe Vung Tau 2011 Ship
Length (Meter) 16 10,8 12,7 12,9
Width (Meter) 4,6 3,3 3,51 3,9
Draft (Meter) 1,3 1,69 1,54 0,86
Engine capacity (CV) 240 155 188 315 x 2 machines
Carrying capacity (Passenger) 10 10 10 15
5/5 - (10 bình chọn)
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