Ask for identification when traveling on a fast ferry

In order to have a convenient fast ferry journey, avoid having to get into trouble in the check-in process as well as on the island, passengers need to prepare all kinds of identification documents as regulation.

Let’s learn more about the regulations of the Ministry of Transport on identification documents for your trip.

For passengers holding Vietnamese nationality

Passengers holding Vietnamese nationality must present one of the following documents:

  • Passport or passport, separate visa, permanent residence card, temporary residence card, citizen’s identity card.
  • Identity cards and certificates of the people’s police and people’s army; Proof of professional servicemen, workers and defense officers; Cards of non-commissioned officers and soldiers in active service; Reserve officer card; Professional servicemen’s cards, non-commissioned officers, reserve soldiers …
  • National Assembly Deputies Card
  • Party member card
  • Journalist Card is issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications
  • Vietnamese driving licenses for cars and motorcycles
  • Identification certificate certified by the police of the ward or commune where he / she permanently resides or temporarily resides (the certificate contains the following information: certifying organ, certifier; certification date, month and year Full name, date of birth, gender, origin, permanent residence of the verified person; reason for certification. The certificate is affixed with photo, stamped on the seal and is valid only within 30 days from the date of confirmation.
  • A certificate from the competent authority certifying that the passenger is the person who has just served the sentence.

For passengers holding foreign nationality

  • Foreign passport or passport, separate visa
  • ID cards issued by diplomatic missions or consular posts to members of diplomatic missions, consular posts and representative offices of international organizations
  • Permanent residence card issued by an immigration authority to a foreigner who is allowed to reside indefinitely in Vietnam and is valid as a visa; Temporary residence card issued by an immigration authority or a competent authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a foreigner who is permitted to reside for a limited period of time in Vietnam and is valid for a visa replacement.
  • Driver’s license (car, motorbike) of Vietnam. In case of using a foreign driver’s license, carry an international driving license (IDP) and a national driving license issued, in compliance with the provisions of Circular No. 29/2015 / TT -BGTVT dated July 6, 2015 of the Ministry of Transport.
  • In case passenger lose passport, there must be a diplomatic note consular post of the nationality of the passenger or the official letter of the Department of Foreign Affairs (certified by the local police station of the place where passenger lost passport) identity relatives and the loss of the passenger’s passport with photos and stamps on. The diplomatic note, documentary is valid for 30 days from the date of confirmation.

Infant and children passengers

Infant and children passengers are checking in on shore-to-island fast ferrues must present one of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate; If a birth certificate is not available for under 1 month old, a birth document is required
  • Certificate of social organization for children nurtured by the social organization (only valid for 6 months from the date of certification).


Passenger documents used when traveling on fast ferry must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Identification document is the original and is still valid for use
  • In case of using the birth certificate or birth document, it must be the original or an authenticated copy, the copy from the original book as prescribed in the Decree No. 23/2015 / ND-CP dated February 16, 2015 of the Government.
  • Documents are not accepted without a photo or photo that is not in accordance with the law, except for birth certificate, birth document, and papers.
  • Passengers who are criminals, suspects, people being relocated, extradited or expelled when carrying out fast ferry procedures only need papers of the competent agency to prove the escort; passengers are the escort presents the documents specified above.

Visa exemption is the fact that a country allows citizens of another country to enter and stay for a certain period of time without having to go through the procedures and pay the fees related to immigration.

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