All the fastest way to Con Dao Island from Vung Tau

Passengers who want to go to Con Dao Isand from Vung Tau are the fastest currently, there are 2 directions, one is to take the Con Dao Express high-speed ferry and the second is to take the Vung Tau – Con Dao Island helicopter.

Going to Con Dao Island from Vung Tau by high-speed craft

This is the option chosen by many passengers because the price is relatively suitable for all types of passengers and the journey on this route is the largest two-hull high-speed craft in Vietnam – Con Dao Express 36, ensuring safety and minimizing seasick.

First, if you want to go to Con Dao Island from Vung Tau by ferry, you have to preview Vung Tau – Con Dao Island high-speed craft’s schedule o see if the ferry runs that day or not? Vessels usually depart at Vung Tau Cau Da Port at 8:00 am every day with schedule, if there is a change to run sooner or later, the shipping line always has a message to inform passengers in advance.

Going to Con Dao Island from Vung Tau by high-speed craft

Fare for Con Dao Island – Vung Tau high-speed craft is different between dates of departure, as follows: Fare from Monday to Thursday: VIP: 1,200,000 VND; ECO: 660,000 VND; Senior / Children: 550,000 VND.  Fare from Friday to Sunday, Holidays, (Lunar) New Year: VIP: 1,200,000 VND; ECO: 880,000 VND; Senior / Children: 700,000 VND.

The way to book ticket is diverse, passengers can book in advance or buy ticket directly at the pier (in case of peak days, you should book in advance to avoid running out of tickets). Or book online through the Con Dao Island high-speed craft ticket agent by phone numbers: 088 921 1234 – 088 927 1234 – 088 937 1234. Or through the websites: https://vetaucondao.vnand

For the transportation by waterway. You should buy a round trip ticket for the trip to avoid “out of stock” the return ticket; If motorbikes are sent on board, you should go to the station 2 hours before the ferry leaves. The ferry stop running because of bad weather which happens easily, you should provident more time for the trip, the staff at the port will assist in rescheduling and exchanging ferry ticket for you.

Vung Tau – Con Dao Island Helicopter 

Each week, the two Vung Tau – Con Dao Island – Vung Tau round-trips are on Friday and Sunday, only have 22 tickets, VNH uses MI-17-1V and MI-172 helicopters operating on this route. Both MI-17-1V and MI-172 aircraft are Russian-made, with a maximum takeoff weight of 13,000 kg, and the capacity of 3 crew members and 22 passengers. Reaching an average speed of 200-250 km / h, with this speed, the Vung Tau – Con Dao Island journey only takes 60 minutes.

Vung Tau: Departure at Vung Tau airport (38, 30/4 street, Vung Tau city): Procedures (check in): 12:00 and Departure (ETD): 13:30

Con Dao Island: Departure at Con Son airport (Con Dao district): Procedures (check in): 14h00 and Departure (ETD): 15h00

FARE included VAT: 2,200,000 VND / adult – Round-trip: 4,400,000 VND and 1,980,000 VND / child (from 2 to under 12 years old, free of charge under 2 years old) – Round trip: 3,960,000 VND.

Contact to book Con Dao Island helicopter ticket, you can call: 0915241456 or 0938948549. Or through the official website of Vietnam Tourism Helicopter –

In addition, passengers can also fly from Vung Tau to Ho Chi Minh City and book a flight to Con Dao Island, at Tan Son Nhat Airport, there are currently 02 airlines operating Tan Son Nhat  – Con Dao Island routes, Bamboo Airways and VASCO. Customers can refer to the flight schedule at and book ticket.


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