A special dish in Con Co island: Jump fish flour congee

When coming to Con Co, tourists must enjoy the special dish of Con Co island: “Jump fish flour congee” It can be described about this dish as follows: Soft flour, chewy and fragrant fish, the spicy taste of onions, pepper, and chili mixed in a bowl of porridge, makes us forget where we are. Because this dish can only be enjoyed at Con Co, it has a special name “Seaweed Jump Fish Flour Congee”.

A bowl of congee made from Loc flour (local people call it tapioca) the fiber is flexible, it is shorter than the fiber of Banh Canh and thinner than the Lot cake of the West. Put the flour in the thick soup, mixed with fish roll, shrimp roll and more seaweed to make the soup sweeter.

Jump fish is a kind of fish at night crawling ashore and hunting on rocks, compared to Chinh fish in spring because of its tough meat, fragrant than snakehead fish, just a few Jump fish like that, adding a pinch of fresh seaweed together with rice flour mixed with Loc flour. In addtion, the hand skillfully stuffed into small noodles like chopsticks, short, two knuckles, oblong pointed two ends, are us had a delicious bowl of Jump fish congee.

There are also many types of seaweed in Con Co. In addition to popular dishes, Quang Tri people process seaweed into cakes, jelly (suong sa) and cook this special congee dish. The blend of chewy, fragrant, dancing fish with a charm aroma of seaweed, he spiciness of pepper and chili and the lumpy characteristic of congee,making diners can’t help but remember about this dish every time they intend to Con Co.

Fresh grape seaweed at Con Co island

The toughness of Loc flour is mingled with the crunchy, lumpy seaweed, rich and sweet. In the morning, swimming and diving up to the cold person but eating a bowl of porridge with a cup of chopped chili fish sauce, there is nothing like it. Jump fish flour congee contributes to adorn the diversity of Central dishes.


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