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Vo Thi Sau (Dat Do, 1933 – March 13, 1952) was a schoolgirl guerrilla remembered as a national martyr in Vietnam. She was born in Phước Thọ Commune, Đất Đỏ District, then in Bà Rịa Province (today belonging to Long Đất District, Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Province). In 1948, Sau became a contact for a local […]

Con Dao Museum

Located on Nguyen Hue Street, visitors can walk or travel by car to visit Con Dao Museum, the museum is built on an area of 2,750 m2.The exhibition space is 1,700 square meters, exhibiting nearly 2,000 documents, artifacts, images, preserving the heroic vigor in the struggle against colonialism and empire of Vietnamese patriots, with 4 […]

Phu Tho Prison Relic

Phu Tho prison is located on Nguyen Van Custreet. Visitors can walk or move by car to visit Phu Tho Prison. This is a French prison,which was built for detention, isolation of new prisoners sent to the island or before moving to other prisons. French colonists continued to build Banh III in 1928. This prison […]

American tiger cages

American Tiger Cages relic is located on Nguyen Van Custreet. Tourists can travel by car to visit Phu Binh prison.This is the most extreme solitary confinement built up by the American to exile the Viet Nam patriots during the Americans and their puppets. US tiger cage has the first name asCamp VII.Then they called it […]