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Ho Chi Minh Booking Office Hotline

083.825 3333 - 083.825 4067

Services and Information Hotline
01222 69 69 68

Passenger please check in at Pacific Express ticket Counter to get Boarding Pass.


Pacific Express has the right to change the schedule and will announce 30 minutes before departure, Holiday (Tet) and weekend schedules are subject to change.

Vung Tau Ho Chi Minh

Departs Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat
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Ho Chi Minh Vung Tau

Departs Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat
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Vungtau city   HCM city

Ticket Type From Mon to Fri Weekend and Holidays
Adult (1m2+) 200.000đ 250.000đ
Child (< 1m2) 100.000đ(*) 100.000đ(*)
Infant (under 2 yrs) Free(*) Free(*)
*Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Welcome to Pacific Express

Pacific Express is a transportation service operated by Petro Pacific Tourism Corporation, a subsidiary of Petro Pacific Corporation established since 1999, headquarter located in Vung Tau.


Our Mission and Vision in the near future is to increase the number of travellers by Boat between the 2 destinations as well as bringing the fleet size to 5 high-capacity speed boats.


Our top priorities are the safety and satistifaction of the customers. To achieve the desired objectives, our cabin crew are well trained and experienced with the route, along with new unsinkable technologies and double engines, you are guaranteed for a safest trip with us.


Pay online easily and safely. We accept international credit cards and support other methods of electronic payment.

Did you know?

Beside of provide high quality and safety transportation Service for customer travel between Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau, Petro Pacific Tourism Corporation is also providing other services including.

P&T Hotel Vung Tau

158 Ha Long Street, Ward 02, Vung Tau City, Vietnam

Located in the heart of Ha Long Street Vung Tau city, just a few steps from Front Beach walking, hydrofoil station about 100m, Post Office Vung Tau Hotel 3 star standard buildings is a perfect 11 located on-site floor spacious, airy, clean and convenient for travelers beach, resort, entertainment. SEE MORE

Canos and Boats distributor

104 Tran Phu Street, Ward 05, Vung Tau City, Vietnam

Petro Pacific Corporation is the exclusive agent specializing in the manufacture and distribution of Cano lines Composite: High-speed composite Cano, Cano cheap composite; Speedboat composite; Composite catamaran. With a payload capacity and diversity, the machine layout, in addition to flexible machine according to customer demand SEE MORE

Tour Booking

158 Ha Long Street, Ward 02, Vung Tau City, Vietnam

With the motto of "Reputation, quality, customer-oriented all" set up as the first criterion, to JSC Travel Pacific Petroleum, visitors will be introduced at all levels, the tour calendar. Tour schedules are varied and constantly changing with the rich content. You can choose the tour suit your needs. The company has a staff of enthusiastic, highly experienced in the tourism industry, dedicated service attentive.

Speed boat for rent

158 Ha Long Street, Ward 02, Vung Tau City, Vietnam

Pacific Express now operating speed boats for rent services.

RY 1235 boat has a capacity of 20 passenger, speed 24 nautical miles/hour, On board services: toilet, mineral water, tissue, TV and Air conditional.

The boat can be depatures at ports in Ho Chi Minh city and travel to your required location.


Travel Insurance

The fare you purchase included your travel insurance

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We have a staff of professional, enthusiastic and responsible operator will assist you wholeheartedly

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